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Features& Benefits

  • Support termination, splicing and storage functions for fiber optic cable systems.

  • Simple design and enough work space to arrange clearly for cable management

  • Engineered fiber routing protect bend radius through the unit to ensure signal integrity

  • Wall-mounted and suitable for FTTH hard cable.

SC/APC Shutter Adaptor

  • The optical adaptor – SC/APC type provides stable performance using high precision ceramic sleeve. And, the Auto Dust Shutter provides protection from the dust and sight of operator.

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Tired of buffering videos, dropped calls and painfully slow download speeds? Your internet connection is only as good as your equipment. Upgrade to the GP-T862 fiber optic outlet and unlock the full potential of high-speed fiber in your home or office.

Built specifically for fiber, the GP-T862 provides a clean, integrated interface between your devices and the fiber optic line. The sleek white outlet blends discreetly into any wall, while neatly managing and protecting fiber cable connections.

With a compact footprint measuring just 100x95x16mm, the GP-T862 fits easily into tight spaces and installs quickly into standard wall boxes. It's ideal for fiber deployments in apartments, dorms, offices and other settings where space is limited.

Managing your fiber connections is easy with integrated storage for up to 4 fiber strands and 2x 40mm splice protectors. Fusion splicing gives reliable, high-performance connections while taking up minimal space. Extra protection prevents damage to the fragile glass fiber.

This versatile outlet supports all common singlemode and multimode fiber types, delivering future-proof compatibility. Plug in your fiber router or media converter using the included SC adapter ports, widely used by internet providers and networking hardware manufacturers.

Set up is quick and painless, with multiple cable entry points on the bottom and back to neatly route fiber strands from any direction. Built-in cable strain relief protects your connections from being dislodged or tugged loose.

Stop struggling with jury-rigged media converters and network bridges. The GP-T862 gives you a purpose-built, dedicated fiber outlet for seamless integration into your home or office network. Experience the unrestricted bandwidth only fiber can provide.

With an unlimited data pipeline, you can finally use the internet how you want. Stream 4K and 8K video, game online, upload huge files and video conference in crystal clarity. Use data-hungry smart home gadgets without worrying about throttling.

Fiber internet leaves notoriously unreliable cable connections in the dust. Get rock solid stability with 99.999% uptime for continuous productivity and entertainment. No more daily internet drops and sluggish performance!

Bring your home or business into the future with the GP-T862 fiber optic outlet. We're quickly moving to an all-fiber network - don't get left behind with outdated copper connections. With wide compatibility, compact design and hassle-free setup, now is the time to upgrade.