HOME Products Fiber Optic Wall PlateGP-TR1171 OUTDOOR HYBRID OUTLET


  • Compactsize: 120x70x20mm

  • Can be mountedover wall embedded or directlyover the wall.

  • Admit connectors keystone type for: RJ45. RJ11,RG6, UTP, Coaxial

  • Admit max. 2 adapters SC/APC

  • Allow to install 1 or 2 fusion protectors

  • Minimum curvature radius: 30mm

  • IP 54, suitable for outdoor wall-mounting.

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Outdoor living spaces like patios, decks and porches are great for entertaining or just enjoying some fresh air. But it can be frustrating when you don't have the connectivity you need outside your home. Slow WiFi and no access to Ethernet, phone lines or cable TV makes it tough to work, stream movies or use smart home devices outdoors.

The GP-TR1171 solves this problem by providing a robust outdoor outlet with both fiber optic and copper connections. This hybrid outlet brings ultra-fast fiber speeds and versatile copper connectivity to your outdoor oasis.

Despite its weatherproof rugged design, the GP-TR1171 maintains a stylish and modern aesthetic. The neutral white color blends into any exterior wall or overhang. At just 117x70x20mm, it fits standard single gang junction boxes for simple installation.

For high-speed fiber internet, you get 1-2 SC adapter ports to connect outdoor networking devices or WiFi access points. Tuck incoming outdoor fiber cables into the integrated splice tray, supporting up to 2 fusion or mechanical splices.

The GP-TR1171 also provides keystone snap-in jacks for RJ45 Ethernet, RJ11 phone lines, and RG6 coax. Install the connectors you need for hardwired devices like smart TVs, speakers, security cameras and more. The interchangeable keystone design makes swapping copper ports easy.

On the back, a layer of adhesive neoprene seals the outlet against exterior wall surfaces. The housing is also engineered to prevent moisture ingress, meeting IP55 standards for weatherproofing. You can install the GP-TR1171 on your home, patio cover or freestanding structure with confidence.

Now you can get work done outside with full internet speeds, take video calls from the patio, or set up outdoor movie night. Bridge your indoor and outdoor living spaces with continuous access to fiber optic broadband, traditional phone service, Ethernet networking and coaxial cable connections.

Campgrounds, parks, restaurants and other outdoor venues can also benefit from the GP-TR1171. Provide convenient power and connectivity for outdoor events and public spaces without costly trenching or cables strung everywhere.

With the GP-TR1171 outdoor hybrid outlet, your outdoor oasis is truly an extension of your home. Stop being limited by weak WiFi and no access to hardwired connections outside. Bring robust fiber and flexible copper connectivity to your deck, patio or any outdoor living space.