HOME Products Fiber Optic Wall PlateGP-TR1170 FIBER OPTIC HYBRID OUTLET


Compactsize: 120x70x18 mm

Can be mountedover wall embedded or directlyover the wall.

Admit connectors keystone type for: RJ45. RJ11,RG6, UTP, Coaxial

Admit max. 2 adapters SC/APC

Allow to install 1 or 2 fusion protectors

Minimum curvature radius: 30mm

IP 43

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In the modern home, we need connections for fiber optic internet, traditional copper phone lines and coaxial cable for things like cable TV. Installation used to require separate wall plates and connections boxes cluttering your rooms. The GP-TR1170 solves this problem by combining fiber optic, copper and coaxial outlets in one sleek device.

This hybrid outlet gives you the best of both worlds - lightning fast fiber optic internet and traditional copper wiring in one convenient wall plate. The compact yet versatile GP-TR1170 measures just 117x70x18mm but provides everything you need for a consolidated connection point.

For fiber optic internet, the GP-TR1170 provides 1-2 built-in SC adapter ports supporting the latest high-speed multi-gigabit connections. Tuck incoming fiber cables neatly into the integrated splice tray which supports up to 2 fusion or mechanical fiber splices. Keep those vulnerable glass fiber strands safe and organized!

On the copper side, the GP-TR1170 features industry standard keystone jacks supporting RJ45 Ethernet, RJ11 phone lines and RG6 coaxial cable. Install the connectors you need for networking devices, landline phones, cable TV and more. The interchangeable snap-in keystone modules make it easy to change copper connections down the road.

The outlet housing is made from durable plastic in an attractive bright white color to disappear against your wall. The hinged cover opens to provide full access for wiring while keeping connections secure and protected when closed. With a slim 18mm profile, it fits easily in a single gang wall box or low voltage bracket.

For homeowners, the GP-TR1170 eliminates cable clutter and lets you take full advantage of your fiber optic internet service while retaining support for landline phones, cable TV, networked devices and more. You can consolidate and streamline your connections throughout the home, reducing outlet clutter.

In office settings, this outlet is perfect for combining your high-speed fiber backbone with traditional copper networks. Run fiber between floors and buildings while using copper for individual workstations. The hybrid design provides maximum flexibility and convenience within a single outlet.

The GP-TR1170 fiber optic hybrid outlet brings simplified connectivity for modern networks. Stop juggling multiple plates and connection boxes - consolidate your fiber, phone, networking and coax ports with this all-in-one wall plate. Experience the speed of fiber and the flexibility of copper in one sleek device.