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 The Closure provides perfect solutions for the protection of fiber splice points from the environment,  especially from  the  permeation  of  water.  Suitable  for  aerial,  cable  duct, direct buried, pedestal and provides

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Experience reliable and accessible fiber optic cable splicing with the GJS-M0484 Heat Shrinkable Seal Dome Closure from Fibermint. This dome closure provides IP68-rated protection for up to 48 fiber splices in an aerial, wall, pole, or manhole mountable enclosure.

With maximum outside dimensions of 288 x 185 x 155mm, the GJS-M0484 features a 215 x 130mm dome with 4 cable ports for cables up to 13mm in diameter. The closure includes 4 splice trays, each with capacity for 6 or 12 fiber splices, for a total of 24 or 48 splices protected within the IP68-rated sealed dome.

The heat shrink design ensures a reliable, watertight seal around cables and splices, while the dome shape allows for fast and easy access to internal components. Mounting tabs and aerial mount kit allow secure installation in a variety of network locations.

When you need accessible, protected fiber splicing in a compact package, choose the GJS-M0484 Heat Shrinkable Seal Dome Closure from Fibermint. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote!